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All along, we provide customers with superior quality and stability of the product. This is not the work of our senior team, they have a professional knowledge and skills, as well as the implementation of the concept of global standards.

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VAT Rates in China Will Be Lowered Since 01/04/2019
This announcement was made by China’s State Council, Ministry of Finance (MoF), the State Taxation Administration (STA) and General Administration of Customs (GAC) on March 21. China will lower its va...
New production line of rigid boxes will be launched after Christmas.
We are going to set up abrand new production line of rigid boxes. ehave two purposes. One is to develop automated process in our factory for enhancing the product process capability and product qualit...
Paper Price Soars in Malaysia Due to the Chinese Environmental Policy
Paper Price Soars in Malaysia Due to the Chinese Environmental PolicyAnother thrilling news besides the general election in Malaysia is the new soaring trend of the paper prices. The Honorary Chairman...
Siberian Paper Pulp Arrived China via Railway
Siberian Paper Pulp Arrived China via RailwayThe local government in Chongqing confirms that a freight train has arrived Sichuan province in which one cargo includes the paper pulp imported from Siber...
Doomsday of Plastic Packaging: Will Paper Packaging Dominate?
Doomsday of Plastic Packaging: Will Paper Packaging Dominate?With regard to the tightening environmental policies in China, and the portrayal of humanity’s devastating impact on sea life in BBC series...
Tragedy of German Paper Market: Two Enterprises Collapsed In One Week
Tragedy of German Paper MarketTwo Enterprises Collapsed In One WeekAn astonishing news spread out in paper packaging market in Germany on 30 January, 2018, Papierfabrik Scheufelen initiated insolvency...
Monopolization of Paper Packaging Market in China
Monopolization of Paper Packaging Market in ChinaFollowing the increasing operational cost and restraining environmental regulations, the Chinese paper packaging market is heading toward to the develo...
Impacts on China Paper Packaging Industry in the Greenest Year 2018
First of all, Hang Yick wishes all of you a happy and prosperous year 2018.It was a tough year for many paper packaging suppliers in 2017 in response to the dynamic green policies introduced by the en...
The Prices of Paper Packaging in EU Continue to Soar In 2018
?Meanwhile the price surge of paper packaging has just begun in China in the year end, the market in Europe is facing the same issue. In early December, DS Smith has announced to increase the price of recycled fiber paper by 50 euro per ton. In the following time, Industria Cartaria Pieretti (ICP), the Italian paper manufacturer, has also raised the price of papers by 50 euro per ton as well....
Paper Price Surge Is Coming Again
After two months of price competition in paper supply market, the price starts to raise again in late November and several suppliers have confirmed their pricing adjustment. The largest paper supplier in China, Nine Dragon Paper, has made the announcement on 30th November whilst the extent of increment is beyond the market expectation on 6th December....
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